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Church of St Cynidr & St Mary - Aberyscir​

Welcome to the Church of St Cynidr & St Mary - Aberyscir​

St Cynidr and St Mary at Aberyscir is just one of the six churches in this widely scattered Benefice. The other ones are Trallong, Penpont, Llanfihangel Nant Bran, Merthyr Cynog and Llandefaelog.


Currently we hold a service of Morning Prayer with hymns, also known as Mattins, at 10am on the second Sunday of each month. The service is followed by a ‘cuppa and a chat’ – a time to catch up with your neighbours.

In December 2022 there will be a traditional Christmas Carol service at 4.30pm on Sunday, 18th followed by refreshments. Please do join us

Maintaining the Church

We are fortunate that the Church is quite a simple building, almost chapel-like, without towers, spires, or huge stone windows. This makes the structure easier to look after, but at the same time, the building lacks any exciting or rare architectural features which would attract visitors and funds.

Our maintenance policy is to keep working away steadily at whatever needs doing most, but is within reach of our finances.


The Future

The plight of the small rural parish Church with its ageing and declining congregation is well known. In our Group four Churches have succumbed and are now closed but congregation numbers at Aberyscir are actually growing at the moment and we look to the future with both hope and joy. In 2023 there will be a major reorganisation of parish boundaries and we will become a part of a much bigger group of churches in a Ministry Area centred on Brecon. This will give us access to a much wider range of resources and help us feel part of a much larger community of faith.
However, there is no doubt that we are struggling, not just to keep St Cynidr and St Mary open, but in a much more important fight - to keep Christianity alive, and visibly so, in this small part of Wales. If you are concerned that we, and our children, should be able to live with Christian values, if you want the Church to be there for you and your relatives - you can help. First and foremost by joining the congregation but also.....


This is the worrying part. There is no doubt that our finances are deteriorating.  We have done all we can by way of covenants, standing orders, gift aid etc. but income is declining while costs, as everywhere else, are increasing. We need to take a serious look into the future.

How Can You Help?
Join the Congregation - What we should like more than anything else is your presence at services in the Church. At the moment this is only once a month (10 am on the second Sunday). Some people just come to the popular services (Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Remembrance) and this small commitment keeps their membership alive. On the other Sundays we attend church elsewhere either within the Group or in Brecon. St. Mary’s, in the town centre, holds a communion service every Sunday morning at 9.30am followed by refreshments. There, too, the congregation is growing.

Help with Finances - What we need is regular income that can be relied upon. We are, of course, a charity, and compared with the big charitable organisations are requirements are infinitesimal. This means that only small sums can transform our finances. If you have read this far, and would like to help, the most useful donation is in the form of a Gift- Aided standing order on your bank. Some of our supporters give £10 a month, some contribute on a quarterly, or annual basis. Of course, one -off donations are just as welcome. Whatever you do, you can be assured of our grateful appreciation.

If you decide that you would like to help you can click on Gift Aid Form and ' Standing Order Form' and print off copies. The Gift Aid Form should be completed and then sent to the Church Warden – Huw Marshall, 5 The Pool, Cradoc, Brecon LD3 9NY.If you would like to contact him then please do so by mail or email: rhmarshall@hotmail.co.uk


Church Warden: Huw Marshall, 5 The Pool, Cradoc, Brecon, LD3 9NY


Church of St Cyr & St Mary

Church of St Cyr & St Mary

Repairing the church roof

Repairing the church roof

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